Als een doorgewinterde professional in de business wereld kan ik je in het Nederlands en Engels uitstekend helpen met alle teksten zoals business proposals, strategy plans and RFP’s.

Henk vertelt
I am a seasoned professional, having worked for, and managing, quite a few innovative companies, operating mainly in the IT and (science) publishing fields. Throughout my career I strived to improve the know-how of my employees, my colleagues and my business associates. I feel that an organisation, wishing to attain and exceed the set business goals, can do nothing better than to continuously invest in enhancing the skills and know-how of its employees. I am a native Dutchman and I have worked in the Netherlands, the UK, the USA, the Middle-East and Asia, which helped integrating global business practices into my daily work. Educated to a MBA level and having the knack to quickly absorb new languages, editing has turned into something more than just a regular part of my business life. It became a true passion! I have edited numerous scientific and professional manuscripts, promotional material, business proposals, bridgehead strategy plans, M&A documents, sales & marketing plans, RFP’s and related items.