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Scriptium offers a solution if you as a student want to receive help in applying and getting to know SPSS. We provide help with SPSS and statistics with our qualified tutors. Our facilitators are experts in the field of statistical processing. They can offer you help in passing your exams for statistics or in applying and processing the data in your thesis, via SPSS or Stata.

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Scriptium: the SPSS expert


SPSS help from Scriptium is specifically aimed at the SPSS program. A scientific publication should be as objective and reliable as possible, whether it is a bachelor’s thesis or a scientific article by a recognized professor. The same values ​​of objectivity and reliability must be ensured when processing and interpreting results from quantitative research. Therefore, a statistical processing method that is recognized by higher education institutions around the world is desired.

In Dutch schools, the SPSS program is used as the standard program for statistics. At Scriptium, we therefore receive many students who want to be helped with their SPSS problem. Every year we help more than 300 students with SPSS. We have a number of academically trained specialists ready for them. Our tutors were extensively screened and passed various tests before they were allowed to work for Scriptium. As a result, you will receive the best assistance and expertise from us.

    • 9 hours of tutoring or more
    • €51.95 an hour
    • 3 to 8 hours of tutoring
    • €55.95 an hour
    • 1 to 2 hours of tutoring
    • €59.95 an hour

Why whould you choose Scriptium?


The SPSS help from Scriptium is first and foremost personal. By this we mean that every student receives the SPSS help that best suits his/her field of study and background. We tailor the match with the tutor to your study, the type of research, the subject and your specific wishes. For example, do you want SPSS help from a tutor who comes to your home? No problem! Would you like a tutor who can also help with academic English in your results chapter? That’s certainly possible! You submit a request to Scriptium, and within 48 hours (often much faster) you will be matched to a tutor that we select specifically for you. The first introductory meeting is completely free of charge. This way you can decide in peace whether the chosen tutor is right for you. Is it a match? Then the SPSS tutoring can begin.


What kinds of SPSS help do you offer?


If you are conducting a quantitative study, you must process the data using a statistical program. Often that is SPSS. For help with processing data and writing down the results, you can hire help with statistics from Scriptium.

Although you do not yet have to perform statistical calculations for your research proposal, you must already determine what your methodology will be and which functions of SPSS you will apply. For advice and tutoring on this part, Scriptium offers help with your research proposal.

Would you like to learn to work with SPSS for your research or a statistical course? Or simply because you need to use SPSS at work, for your career or future? Then our SPSS tutoring is a good option. You will receive structural lessons from an expert that we personally select for you.

Do you work for a company or organisation and do you need data analysis? Scriptium’s SPSS experts are at your service. SPSS analysis for official scientific and commercial research can be outsourced to Scriptium.

If you have statistics as a subject during your university education, you often also have to take a statistics or SPSS exam. For personal and targeted exam training you can take private lessons at Scriptium. The trainer will teach you how to deal with SPSS, in order for you to get a good grade.

Do you need to perform statistical calculations or analyse results with the STATA program? Then Scriptium can certainly help you with our statistical tutoring or STATA tutoring.

SPSS help for exam preparation


For the statistics course you usually have to take two exams in a year. If you need help with SPSS or STATA when learning and preparing for exams, a Scriptium exam trainer can help. This SPSS specialist will work with you on the material online or at a physical location of your choosing. The tutor ensures that you get to know SPSS or STATA in detail. The advantage of our statistical tutoring is that you can decide for yourself what type of help you need and in what kind of way. We are a suitable agency for intensive and long-term assistance, but we can also be hired if you quickly need SPSS assistance for a quick issue.

SPSS help for your thesis


The statistics course is only a preparation for applying SPSS and statistics in your thesis. Once you are occupied with calculating and processing data in your thesis, you may call on our thesis tutors. An SPSS expert will then look at the results together with you. You then determine the best way to process the results in the program.

The tutor is available to develop your results part and interpret the data that the SPSS program ultimately provides.

Finally, you can also have your thesis checked on language, content and structure. This way you ensure that your thesis is as perfect as possible.

Are you unable to work with SPSS or do you need help with STATA? Do you need specific help with certain calculations or with data processing? You can contact us below. We will then get in touch with you very quickly.

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