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Scriptium opts for top quality at fair prices. You can have your thesis thoroughly proofread on language, structure, and content by a professional editor which we pick specifically for you and your thesis.

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We provide a unique and lightning-fast service. You can have your text proofread within 20 hours. This premium service is available for all texts and theses, as long as the total word count doesn’t exceed 5,000. Do you have a little more time? Then you can also opt for a proofreading period of 48 hours or 7 days. Check out our frequently asked questions for more information about delivery times and service.

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Scriptium provides an exclusive proofreading service and the highest quality in the Netherlands in terms of proofreading. We go above and beyond to make sure you pass your thesis. In addition to improving language and structure, we thoroughly check content. And all that for a lower total price. 

4 things you need to know about our proofreading fees

You pay a fair price for every proofread word. Students usually have a limited budget. As an education agency, we understand that all too well. That is why our prices for proofreading are always as low as possible, so that you never pay too much. As a student, you always have the option to keep the costs low by choosing a longer review period. Are you planning to have your thesis checked? The more time you give us, the cheaper it is.

Payment methods


As soon as you submit your text via the website, you will be able to pick a payment option. You can easily transfer the amount due to our account using iDEAL, PayPal, credit card or BAN contact. You will immediately receive a confirmation by email.



Is the grand total of your order a little too high for you? It is possible to pay the price for your order in instalments. In that case you can send your order to our email. You will have to indicate which review period you want and which services you have chosen. You can speak to an employee via who will manually process the text into an order for you. You will pay part of the price before proofreading, and the rest afterwards.

Betalen in termijnen

Wil je een scriptie laten nakijken met een zeer hoog woordenaantal? Dan is het ook mogelijk om de prijzen voor het nakijken in termijnen te betalen. In dat geval kun je de tekst en de combinatie van diensten en nakijktermijn die je wenst naar onze mail sturen. Via spreek je een medewerker die de tekst handmatig voor je verwerkt tot een order. Er kunnen dan ook termijnbetalingen ingesteld worden. Je betaalt een deel van de prijs voorafgaand aan het nakijken, en de rest achteraf.

Transfer money


Would you rather transfer the money manually to our account? Absolutely possible! Send a screenshot of your payment to our email, combined with the document that needs proofreading and an indication of which services and deadline you want. The deadline starts from the moment we receive the email. You can calculate the costs for proofreading with the generator higher up on this page.

High word count within 20 hours?


The proofreading period of 20 hours applies to all texts with a word count under 5,000. Do you have a tight deadline, more than 5,000 words, and do you want to have a text proofread urgently? Send us an email requesting a faster deadline. We will check with our proofreaders and try to setup a suitable deadline for you specifically. This way we ensure that you meet your deadline and that your text of 20,000 words or more is checked according to our high-quality standard.

Grote bestanden binnen 20 uur?

De nakijktermijn van 20 uur geldt voor alle teksten. Zit je met een krappe deadline en wil je met spoed een tekst laten nakijken, stuur jouw tekst dan in via de uploadpagina. Bij bestanden met een heel hoog woordenaantal is het soms niet mogelijk om de tekst door één corrector te laten nakijken. We laten dan meerdere correctoren tegelijkertijd aan jouw tekst werken. Zo zorgen we dat je jouw deadline haalt en dat je tekst van 10.000 woorden of meer volgens onze hoge kwaliteitsstandaard wordt nagekeken.

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Proofreading fees and rates – Generate your own prices
Het is een fijne hulp voor je scriptie. Ik had een beroepsproduct dat ik moest schrijven en ik heb dat laten nakijken door hun.
- Diyari


Proofreading fees and rates – Generate your own prices
Ik wilde even als tip meegeven dat je vragen onder de blogs kunt zetten en dan geeft Scriptium daar antwoord op.
- Nola

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