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Upload alsjeblieft je .doc of docx bestand om de prijs te zien. Let op! Dit is het document waar wij mee gaan werken. Zorg dus dat het de juiste is.

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    We only accept files with the .doc or .docx extension. The maximum file size is 128MB. Is your file’s size larger than that or are you experiencing trouble whilst uploading? Send us an email at info@scriptium.nl and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

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How does it work?

1. Select the options and services you’d like to make use of.

2. Upload your .doc or .docx file.

3. Our software will detect your word count and will be displayed after uploading.

4. Please make sure you have uploaded the correct file. The file name will be shown after uploading. During the next step a preview of the file will be shown as well. If you by accident upload the wrong file, please contact us as soon as possible.

5. (Optional) Upload documents that may be of help to our proofreaders, such as a feedback form or supervisor review. (These do not apply to the word count)

  • Do note that the proofreader has a fixed window of reviewing your thesis. He/she will have to focus on the main document. Adding too much extra information and too many documents may distract the proofreader from focusing on improving the main document.

6. Supply your assignment with additional information by adding a comment or question if necessary.

  • English documents are reviewed by native speakers. Potential comments on this uploading page for English documents have to be written in English, so that our proofreaders can comprehend your additional requests.

7. Click on ‘proceed’. This will take you to the overview page where you may check your order.

Statistics: We have statistics experts (SPSS, Stata, R Studio, etc.) for checking your statistical calculations or the application of statistical theory in your thesis. You can find more information about statistics tutoring on this page.

Files: We only accept files with the extension .doc and .docx. You can also use .pdf documents for your additional accompanying documents such as feedback files. The word count may differ slightly from your personal word processor. This is because each software uses different specifications and methods for this. We use a neutral, open-source word count. If the word count is dramatically different, please contact us for an accurate count and pricing at info@scriptium.nl.

Need help or your file is not accepted? Please contact info@scriptium.nl or via chat. We help you quickly!

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